Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Everyone gets a traffic ticket at some point. Most people just pay them.

That’s a BIG MISTAKE. If you just pay it, you will get points on your driving record, your insurance rates will go up, and if you get too many points, your license will be suspended or even revoked.

Let the lawyers at TicketTamer help you avoid this mess by getting your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, with no points on your record and no increase in your insurance.

Why Pay More?

We charge only $50 per ticket for a careless driving ticket. We may need to charge an additional $25 if the court requires us to provide your driving record, or an ‘Appearance Fee’ ($200) if we have to show up in person to get you the deal. Beyond that, our fees are fixed so there should not be any surprises.


We are always at your fingertips through our high-performing TicketTamer mobile app. All you need to do is to Download the TicketTamer app to your Phone Upload your Traffic Ticket Pay Online. That’s It. No lawyer appointments or court appearances are required, and we will keep you updated in real time with notifications as your case moves along. You can even use the app to pay your fine and court costs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

How confident are we that we can help you? 100%! In fact, we will return your attorney fees if we can’t get the points off your driving record, unless the ticket is for 25+ over the speed limit.

Why Get a Lawyer to Fix Your Traffic Ticket?

You don’t want to just pay your traffic ticket.

If you do, you are pleading guilty to the violation. As in most states, you will get points on your record in Missouri. How many depends upon the violation, and generally range between 2 and 6 points, and can be as many as 12 and an automatic one-year suspension.

These points can add up quickly. If you get 12 or more points in 12 months, 18 or more points in 24 months or 24 or more points in 36 months, the state will revoke your driving privilege for one year.

Those points will also cost you money because your insurance rates will go up, probably several hundred dollars a year as you lose your good driver discount and are assessed a surcharge for the ticket. Even worse, the ticket surcharge will generally stay on your record for at least three years, maybe four years depending upon when you get the ticket and when your policy renews.

Having the lawyers at TicketTamer fix your ticket will cost you a little more than just paying it and taking the points, But you will save a lot of money in the long run and prevent your driver’s license from possibly being suspended or revoked.