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Fix your traffic tickets, Fake IDs, MIPs, possession and other tickets with TicketTamer.
It’s Fast, Easy and Cheap and you can do it all on your phone.

Download the app now to see how much it will cost to fix your ticket.

Why TicketTamer?

Our experienced attorneys provide low-cost, high-quality personal service. Our mobile app makes working with your lawyer easy and convenient. No appointments or court appearances necessary . Do it all on your phone!

Why Fix your Ticket?

Getting your traffic tickets dropped to non-moving violations keeps your record clean and insurance rates down. Reducing Fake ID, MIP, possession, and other non-traffic tickets to lesser offenses avoids problems with jobs and careers.

Low Cost

Our fee for any traffic ticket is $50. If required by the court, driving records are $25 (sometimes) and appearances are $200. Most non-traffic tickets are just $500.

Stay Up to Date

Receive push notifications and check the status of your ticket with just a few clicks. Got a question? Just send us a chat message and we will get right back to you during business hours.

Pay Your Fines

You can pay your fine on the TicketTamer for just a $25 handling fee. We will make sure it gets taken care of right and on time, and let you know when it is done.


TicketTamer takes all of the hassle out of a traffic ticket. You can send us your ticket, ask questions, pay your attorney fees and court fines, all on your phone. No appointments or court appearances are necessary with TicketTamer.

Other Services

TicketTamer can help you find lost tickets, get warrants recalled, get extensions, remind you about deadlines, even help you get your license reinstated. Just tell us what you need.

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