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We’re the ones who handle your traffic, fake ID, MIP, possession and other tickets.

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TicketTamer is a mobile app and website that is designed to make it as easy and cheap as possible for you to take care of your traffic ticket and other citations.

We “fix” your ticket by negotiating to reduce the charges down to a non-moving violation to keep the points off your record and your insurance rates down. You will still have to pay a fine and court costs, but you will save hundreds of dollars in higher insurance costs, avoid the hassle of going to court, and keep your driver’s license from being at risk of suspension or revocation.

We charge $50 to fix any traffic ticket. However, there may be additional charges for services we may be required to provide by the court, such as getting your driving record, appearing in court, or clearing a warrant.

TicketTamer is a public service program of ReubenLaw LLC, whose experienced lawyers provide high quality legal services for traffic tickets because we don’t believe governments should use tickets to raise money. The managing partner is Richard C. Reuben, who is a law professor at the University of Missouri School of Law in Columbia, Mo. All services performed by Richard C. Reuben are in his capacity as a private citizen, and are not affiliated with the University of Missouri or the University of Missouri School of Law.