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Frequently Asked Questions

TicketTamer is a trade name for ReubenLaw LLC, which is located at P.O. Box 39023, St. Louis, Mo., 63109. Phone: 314-728-4444 (St. Louis), 636-439-4444 (St. Charles County), and 573-466-6644 (Columbia). ReubenLaw LLC is a public service law firm dedicated to providing low-cost legal services. Richard C. Reuben is the principal attorney for ReubenLaw LLC. His Missouri Bar Number is 63665.

When you text or upload your ticket into TicketTamer, you are hiring ReubenLaw LLC to represent you for the ticket(s) or citation(s) you have sent us, and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This is a typical attorney-client relationship, and all communications between you and ReubenLaw LLC will be privileged and confidential.

For traffic tickets, represent you before the court on all matters relating to your ticket(s). Our primary goal is to get your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation and get you through your ticket as easily and as quickly as possible. Getting your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation could save you hundreds of dollars a year in higher insurance costs, and keep points off your driving record. For other tickets our goal is to get the charges reduced to a lesser charge.

Once we have entered on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about appearing in court, or even the court date. For all practical purposes, you will be on an entirely different track for purposes of how your ticket will be handled. We take care of the worrying for you.

Yes. In most cases, the prosecutor will make a “recommendation” to the court reducing the charges down to a non-moving violation. You will still be charged a fine for the ticket – and it will generally be more than the cost of the original charge. Fines between $150-$300 are not unusual. You may also be assessed court costs as well, and they tend to run between $25 and $100. In most cases, however, you will not receive any points on your record, which could save you hundreds of dollars a year in higher insurance since your ticket will not be reported to the state or your insurance company.

Our flat fees are:

-Traffic Ticket: $50
-Fake ID: $500
-MIP: $500
-Possession: $500
-Paraphernalia: $500
-Driver’s License Suspension: $300
-Driver’s License Revocation: $500
-Other: Call or email to discuss.

Additional Services Some courts require the following additional charges for traffic tickets.

-Court Appearance: $200
-Driving Record: $25
-Rush Fee
– 7 Days before court date $25
– 3 Days before court date $50
-Handling Fee (if we pay your fine for you) $25
-Warrant Release: $25 per warrant
-Extension and Continuances: $25 (paid in advance)
-Reminder Service: $25
-Assessment Service: $200

It all depends upon your unique situation, including where you live, how many points you already have, and whether you have younger drivers on your policy, among other factors.

Here is what we can say for certain: When you get a ticket, you will lose any good driver discount you may have had, and also be assessed a surcharge for the ticket. That will vary depending upon the nature of the ticket. In our experience, just one ticket will increase your rates a few hundred dollars a year. Here is a good article on this issue. It is set in California but the same principles obtain in Missouri, where the average cost of insurance is $1,207.

There are two other things to remember: First, the ticket surcharge will generally be on your record for at least three years, maybe four years depending upon when you get the ticket and when your policy renews. Second, if your insurance company treats the surcharge as a percentage of your overall premium and anything else happens that affects your insurance – such as another ticket or an accident – the amount of the increase will be even greater.

We offer our legal services as a public service because we believe in the case of traffic tickets it is wrong for governments to use tickets to raise revenue, and want to ensure access to our services for all drivers, especially those with fixed or low incomes. While we can’t make the ticket disappear, we can minimize the damage these tickets cost you by preventing them from being reported to the state. This keeps points off your record, and in most cases will keep your insurance company from increasing your rates because of the ticket.

We also have no full-time employees, no offices to pay for, and everyone who works with us is gainfully employed in other fields. We do this as a public service. As a result, we don’t engage in the common practice of luring you in with an advertised low price, only to end up charging you much more.

Each ticket is treated as a separate ticket, with a $50 ticket fee. For jurisdictions that require driving records, it will only be necessary to pay for one driving record, regardless of how many tickets you receive on that stop.

Most jurisdictions do not require our personal appearance to work out a deal in your favor. However some do, such as the Circuit Courts of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

Payment for legal services is due when you hire us, and we cannot start work on your ticket until we receive payment and your signed attorney-client agreement.  We can discuss a payment plan if you need it, but payment must be complete before we can give you the signed recommendation.

Most tickets generally take from 2-4 weeks to settle, and we will keep you informed about the progress of your case throughout the process.

You have two options. You can pay it yourself or we can take care of it for you.

For us to take care of it, you will need to go back to the Pay My Fine button on our mobile app or web site and pay the amount of the fine and court costs, plus a $25 convenience fee. We guarantee the fine will be paid properly and on time.

If you prefer to pay it yourself, then what you will need to do will depend upon the court. We will provide you with specific instructions for getting it taken care of yourself.

However, ReubenLaw LLC will not make sure your fine is paid unless you hire us to pay it or use our reminder service. As a legal matter, our representation ends when we deliver the prosecutor’s recommendation to you, and your hiring us to pay your fine is a new attorney client relationship for the limited purpose of paying your fine.

If you do not hire us to pay the fine, ReubenLaw LLC is not responsible for the payment of your ticket or the satisfaction of any other conditions the recommendation may require.

This is entirely your responsibility and should be taken care of as soon as you receive the recommendation. The prosecutor’s recommendation is typically only good for a specific period of time, and will be withdrawn if you haven’t paid your ticket by the date specified in the prosecutor’s recommendation. In that case, we would be glad to continue to represent you, but will need to charge you for a new ticket.